Temporary Use Bans (formerly known as Hosepipe Bans)

We have all been enjoying the warm weather across the country but the low rainfall coupled with increased demand for water has resulted in some wholesalers introducing hosepipe bans (Northern Ireland has a ban in place and United Utilities will be introducing a ban from 5th August in North East England). Hosepipe bans primarily affect domestic customers but there are also restrictions on some non-essential use by business customers.

The reason for the restrictions is to conserve supplies as the hot weather has pushed up demand and rainfall has been extremely low for the past few months. In the UK most of the water in the South and East comes from underground rocks and this is less impacted by low summer rainfall, but in the North and West most of the water comes from rivers and reservoirs and levels start to drop quickly if there is no rain, therefore we are likely to see restrictions in the North and West first. But a dry winter could see problems spread South and East.

The Water Retail Company is dedicated to water conservation and efficiency, and we constantly help our customers save water. But for the past few months we have been following our drought plan and working with our business customers to optimise water use throughout the day, helping to reduce demand at peak times. If you need any help or advice to save water, or to understand how a hosepipe ban might affect your business, please give us a call on 020 3808 6608. 

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