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A water supplier dedicated to serving a small number of clients extraordinarily well

The Water Retail Company (TWRC) is headed by a team with extensive experience in the water industry and utilities sector.

Our simple, transparent, no-nonsense approach means we offer highly competitive pricing for water and sewerage services for large and multi-site customers.

Water efficiency is at the heart of our business and we work with clients to develop a strategic efficiency plan that uses technology and innovation to drive down bills through reduced water usage, reduced effluent discharge and reduced surface water drainage.

We are working in partnership with the Energy Managers Association and this has allowed us to design a new way of buying and saving water, tailored to buyers’ needs.


Rupert Redesdale

Lord Redesdale took his seat in the House of Lords in 1991 where he worked in a variety of roles, including Energy Spokesman for the Liberal Democrats between 2000 and 2008 and has worked extensively on water legislation.

Lord Redesdale is the CEO of the Energy Managers Association (EMA) which he formed in 2012 to promote energy and water efficient technologies and best practice, including training courses on water procurement, legislation and efficiency. Rupert was named as Environmental Parliamentarian of the year in 2012 in recognition of the work he has done to promote efficiency and to protect the environment.


Jacob Tompkins

After qualifying as a civil engineer at University College London, Jacob went on to study hydrogeology at Imperial College London. He was an environmental adviser to the Nation Farmers’ Union and a water resources and water efficiency specialist at Water UK, before founding Waterwise in 2005, which remains the only not-for-profit organisation for water efficiency in the UK.

He developed the UK’s first formal Ofqual-approved water efficiency qualifications and is a visiting professor at Exeter University, currently developing an MSc course on water policy, science and management. In addition, Jacob is a WWF Associate specialising in developing water and wastewater systems and polices that enhance the environment. Jacob has sat on a number of European Commission working groups on issues ranging from drought planning to groundwater protection, and spent five years as the UK representative on the Eureau (pan-European water industry body) Drinking Water Commission, as well as chairing OFWAT’s Resilience Committee.


If you are thinking about switching to The Water Retail Company for better service, lower prices and more help with water efficiency, then give us a call or email us and we will provide you with a bespoke package.

No automated call centre, no one size fits all, just personal service tailored to what your business needs.

For more information, please email [email protected] or you can always call us on 020 3808 6608

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