Customer Protection Code of Practice & Regulated Pricing

At The Water Retail Company we pride ourselves on knowing all of our customers’ water needs in detail. Each customer has a named contract manager and we keep in touch with our customers on a regular basis. This means that customers have the chance to discuss service and prices whenever they like.

We obviously need our customers to pay on time, but unlike many retailers we have never charged a late payment fee or invest on late payments. We have always resolved payment issues through a friendly chat. So our customers’ bills consist of the wholesale charges we have to pay and a margin for us. Our profit making is always very clear, so customers know how we make our money. There are no hidden charges, no extras and no sudden ‘fees’.

Of course we comply with the Customer Code of Practice and the Retail Exit Code, which are basically the market rules, but we like to go way beyond compliance and ensure that we do everything to help our customers, which is probably why we have never had a customer choosing to leave us for another retailer.

These are our standard T&Cs, but again we can amend these if a customer needs special treatment. Likewise our prices are normally simply the wholesale charge plus a margin of between 4% and 6% depending on the customer’s needs and what level of support they require, but again this is negotiable.

Our prices are normally negotiated on a one-to-one basis and are bespoke for each customer. However for a specific set of customers the prices are set by the regulator. These are for customers on deemed contracts (basically customers who have been automatically allocated a retailer, customers who are new to the market). The details of the pricing for these customers can be found here, however even these type of customers are free to negotiate a price package that suits them, so please just get in touch.

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